We’re back to stop and start action for us. We have heard from many other dealers of our caliber that activity in the market place overall was very quiet last week. Its frustrating. Coins that used to sell immediately now take a week to two weeks. Other coins that normally take time seem to have more interest and are selling faster. Weird.  We have no firm explanation for this activity. It never ceases to amaze us that Friday around 3 PM was our busiest day of the week (it used to be Sundays).

One thing we do see, its not just the upper levels that are seeing some new blood. There is NO mass rush, but there are new people starting projects and others sniffing around. That is critical to know.

We have had collectors start everything from small projects to huge collections in the past -30-45 days. Its clear to us, outsiders especially see the coin market as cheap. We’ve had our valley and now its time to buy. We did not think the older generation (like Gardner, Pogue, etc) would be replaced so soon. Look at what has sold since JULY: A high grade Ultra High Relief, a MAJOR multi million dollar collection of gold, one of the most famous classic rarities ever quitely found a new home. These mega collectors still are trying to buy more-only the supply is so limited they can’t find anything. We know of TWO firm Want Lists for a GEM $20 1927D in GEM (we placed 3 and have had multiple calls asking if we can get our guys to sell)!

Part of why things are still stagnating on every other level-almost ZERO supply of great fresh coins. The top end pretty much has cleaned it self out of neat items. Sure there are a lot of dreck or retreads around, but you sure don’t see many GEM Bust coins, White GEM Peace Dollars (25S, 28S), choice or GEM Proof Seated coins, we don’t even see many GEM Proof Indian Cents being offered. Our Want Lists still are in excess of $20 million. We can not find what we need to help regular collectors complete their sets (although we get offered everything else)!

It is our VERY strong opinion we are at or near the VERY bottom of the cycle! New money only comes around if the market is red hot or too cheap. Not only are we seeing new money today, we are seeing BIG new money. those people are not followers and usually  can judge markets. You know its NOT a hot market right now. BUY!


PR 2C SET  PR65RB-PR66 RB. A set that can be done!

PR 3CS Set 64-66. Huge drop inprice. A set that can be completed

PR 3CN in Cameo  65-66 So unloved. Not that expensive.

PR STD 10C, 25C, 50C mini Type set. PR65-67. Once you start looking you will be surprised how cheap these are.

PR BARBER 10C, 25C, 50C PR64-67. These are just too cheap.

PR 20C Set PR64-65. Tricky in that they are rare, but over time a great value.

MS Trade Dollars MS63-65. Difficult but way under loved.

PR Morgan Set PR64-66. They have certainly come off their highs.

$1  1879S-1882S MS65-66 DMPL’S. An awesome looking set!

Gold Type set-YOU control what is in the set. A great value today.

$2.5 Set 1900-1907 MS65-67.  Too cheap.

$2.5 Indian Set MS64-65. You can buy common MS64’s for way UNDER $1,000.00.

$5  Set 1900-1908 MS64-65. Very affordable!

These are just a few areas we really like and these are real suggestions we think make sense and when completed-great collections! They are also some of the most liquid coins you can buy. Of course we can suggest more complex and rarity oriented sets, call or email us.

Our version of a collection is not always a date set. If you own 4 monster 80S $1-that is a collection. Always remember when building your sets, QUALITY and eye appeal are everything!


We did our best to create a 20 coin NEWP offering that has something for everyone.

The grand highlights for sure:

$1  1882 MORGAN PCGS PR68 CAMEO CAC  Ex Jack Lee

$1 1921 CHAPMAN PCGS PR66 CAC-the ONLY PR to ever be available (the other is in the Simpson Collection)!

Other highlights include:

10C  1850 PCGS MS65 CAC

50C 1901  PCGS PR68 CAC

Of course we did our best to have an offering to appeal to all collectors. Coins like we offer do not grow on trees and can not be found at every show or auction. So when these coins are sold, many can not be replaced. Our pricing is more then fair-we pay for the coin, not the holder and we do work close!




Thursday at 4:30 PST starts our live portion of the Regency 18 Auction in Las Vegas (in conjunction with  the PCGS Invitational Show). No question this is our biggest and most exciting sale to date. We have had a record number of requests for phone bidding and representation. We fully expect this to be an exciting and aggressive sale!

Don’t just bid blind-call or email us for truthful advice. Always remember, in an auction you are in a contest to see who pays the most. You are dead wrong to think there always will be an under bidder there to buy your coin if you need to dump it. Only in Legend Auctions can you get FREE world class advice (from the same people who built the Simpson and many of today’s greatest collections). After Tuesday, we may be reached on our auction mobile line: 732-233-0719 (or over this weekend).

If you need to phone bid, register, need terms (MUST be in place BEFORE you bid), please call or email Julie Abrams: today!