The sale of the 1C 1793 Chain America PCGS MS65BN CAC. While we can not disclose an exact sale price, we can say it was listed for $1,150,000.00. This coin that was purchased by us for foreign customer back in 2013 at the Cardinal Collection sale. The ONLY reason why our customer sold it-he upgraded to the incredible 1c 1793 Chain Ameri Specimen PCGS PR65 BN piece recently. The new owner of the MS65BN always loved Chain cents and always wanted a true GEM. This coin not only matched his taste, but the timing was right for him to make the purchase. We sincerely congratulate the Chain Cents new owner and hope he enjoys the coin as much as the previous owners all have!

What makes this sale even more special for Legend, this is now the 11TH individual collector we have sold a $1 million dollar plus coin  or set too. We are not talking about auction representation, selling to dealers, trades, or anything imaginary. Here is a list of the coins we have SOLD to different collectors:

Simpson-no one has more million dollar coins then his collection does! Highlight-the Gold Amazonian Set (part of $36 million pattern sale Legend negotiated and closed with Mr Simpson)

Morelan-we ‘ve sold him a substantial amount of million dollar plus rarities. Highlight-the 1885 PCGS PR66 Trade Dollar

$1 1893S PCGS MS67 CAC The Coronet Collection of Morgans

$10  1795 PCGS MS65 CAC The Far Eagle Collection

$20 1927D PCGS MS66  Housed in one of the best 20th century gold sets, ALL PCGS CAC we exclusively built

$20 1927D NGC MS65+ CAC A gold coin buyer and major collector for decades

$20 1927D PCS MS66 CAC The PackDaddy Collection

5C 1913 PCGS PR66  A long time collector and wonderful lover of classic rarities

$10 1838-1907 PCGS The bulk of the Hall/Simpson Collection. The ultimate $10 collector.

H.10C 1837-1873 (including the unique 70S) CAC The Law Simpson Collection. A private collector (post Simpson 2015)

And now the 1C 1793 Chain America PCGS MS65BN CAC. A private collector.

We are very proud of the work we have done in placing some of the worlds greatest rarities in the worlds greatest collections! No other active dealer comes even remotely close to the over the top rarities Legend buys and sells on a daily basis.


When a great coin like the GEM Chain Cent sells, it does have an effect on the entire market. The upper end has been suffering badly since the Pogue sale. Liquidity at the top has been very weak for months now. At the Pouge sale there was a “perfect storm” of the coin market being overloaded, the stock market crashing, and gold being in a slump. Copper coins at Pogue took by far the worst hits. Our thinking at the time of the sale was the bigger coins finally showed weakness and even declines. We admit to being slightly spooked. With the closed sale of the Chain Cent (we also know a MS64BN sold at Baltimore too), collectors of major rarities should be feeling much better then in February both numismatically and over all financially. We feel better with what we are seeing in the overall market. Knowing a sale like this happens only adds to consumer confidence. While we don’t see prices rising overnight, we do see that well heeled collectors are feeling better and are looking into buying better coins again. They know opportunities exist big time!

Even if you buy coins for $1,000.00, you are affected by the bigger coins trading. We now we feel better about the market and thus have more confidence to strengthen or add to our bidding on all coins. Other dealers who see actual transactions feel and act the same.  We do know of many collectors who also watch what the expensive coins do even though they don’t buy them. In the end, it is all about consumer confidence. We know the sale of the Chain Cent added a little confidence to the market (at least to several dealers we told this week). There is still a LONG recovery ahead, but at least now collectors are buying again. They know opportunity knocks as loud as ever now.


Legend is absolutely NOT about the big ticket coins. Probably 95% of what we sell costs BELOW $5,000.00! We are coin nerds (a term Bob Simpson loves to use) first and coin dealers second. Show us a box of fresh unmessed with classic coins and we’ll giggle like kids in a candy store while looking at the coins for hours.

The coins we offer unquestionably rank among the VERY best available with few equals. For us to be able to handle the “big girl” coins, we have to have unequalled contacts and resources. Those contacts allow us to offer our customers great regular coins just about every week (although we are heading into a dry spell). Plus, to add another layer of protection for our customers (besides having all coins vetted by two of the top numismatists in the biz), we ONLY sell PCGS CAC (unquestionably the MOST liquid) coins to collectors. That got NGC so angry, they chucked Legend out of their magic kingdom! Yes, Legend is no longer an NGC dealer. Too bad for NGC for making such a poor decision. Sorry NGC, we do what we believe (based upon our 35 years of experience handling the VERY best coins) is in the best interests of our customers.

Enough of the chit chat. This week we have some killer coins. Highlights include:

3CS 1871 PCGS PR66+ CAC Rainbow toned

$1 1880 TRADE PCGS PR67+ Blue/purple toning!

G $1 1871 PCGS MS67+ CAC

$20 1867 PCGS MS62+ CAC  Totally original.

Of course we have many more really great and great looking coins to be posted. Once again, We want to mention, Walker and Morgan collectors, we have not forgotten you! We just can’t find what we like. Ditto for better gold too.

We appologize for not being able to offer the Bust Halves just yet. They are still tied up in imaging. We will mention the coins grade MS63-65. We’re expect to have them in next weeks offering. We’ll also have a a few later date Bust Quarters in MS64.

If you see coins you want to buy now, but tax time has you tied up, call or email us, we will work out a payment plan to fit your needs! You might regret passing up a great coin these days as supply is pretty much non existent.

NEWPS are all NOW posted!  Don’t forget to check out  our regular inventory too!


Whew! We finally have our lot list of coins in the May Regency Sale now posted.  Go to: http://www.legendauctions.com/news/lotlist/  to see the full list. We also have about 30 highlight images now posted too . Go to: http://www.legendauctions.com and click on the highlights link.

We expect to have the sale fully live  with all images and descriptions and open for bidding around April 18th. This sale has an insurance value of $6,000,000.00!

If you are thinking of bidding on the Quintupple Stella or any of the other substantial coins, please contact us first. Or if you think you will need special terms to complete your purchase, please contact us BEFORE the auction.

Legend Auctions WILL be bringing ALL the lots to the CSNS Show April 27-30.

If you have any questions or wish to set up phone bidding, a private lot viewing, please email or Julie Abrams: julie@legendauctions or Greg Cohen: greg@legendauctions. They are here to assist you!