We are very pleased to see activity is still what we call “perky”. The only real slack we saw was at FUN itself with the lack of a retail crowd (of our caliber). Overall, collectors are out starting new projects and buying in general.

This past week we sold several five figure coins (including the $1 1795 PCGS AU55 and the $1 1883 PCGS MS66+ DMPL), while even selling a few patterns. Not meaning to sound like a broken record, gold coins are still by the far the biggest sellers. Generics through gold rarities do not stay in stock.

In our opinion, we do not expect any negatives attacking the market anytime soon. There certainly is no flood of nice coins. Activity should remain quite “perky” for some time.


For the last several weeks we have been bullish on gold (and still are heavily bullish). However, there are greater opportunities if you can stomach some risk. MS and PR Seated coins are so far underwater they simply can’t become any cheaper.

Until the collection was sold, no had realized the late Gene Gardner really controlled the upper end Seated Market. As the collection was being sold, that put the market into a steep spiral downward for that material. Today, you can buy really great rarities in top condition for about 30-40% LESS then they were in 2008.

What collectors are not thinking through is the fact if one person actually “controlled” the market and now they are out and their holdings are dispersed,  NOW is a great time to buy those coins. The mere fact that one person owned so much is statement to rarity of the MS and PR Seated coins. We firmly see that for the past year collectors have begun “nibbiling” at these series.

Its a huge task to build the kind of collection Gene Gardner did. Who said that has to be done? There are so many things you can do:  A 10c, 20c, 50, $1 Type set. A date set of dimes, a 1880-1889 set of 25C, or a P Mint set of MS Halves. The collections you can build are endless. Its pretty much the same for Proof Seated coins.

The risk of these coins decreasing further in value is small given the market seems to have bottomed overall. Looking down the road, we can’t see it will take much energy to make the values increase. Supply is VERY limited. We strongly believe as time goes on, more people will realize this and start buying more MS and PR Seated coins.

If you have any questions or wish to start a Seated Collection of some sort, contact us: legend@legendcoin.com. Our suggestion to look into this series is based our our position in the market and our 40 years of experience. We do NOT make recommendations like these to sell coins in our current inventory (like so many other dealers do).

Since everyone asks us, we heard of NO new interesting gold coins hitting the market. Our eyes and ears are always open for them.


This is kind of ROUND III of our FUN Show NEWPS. What a Round III too!

The grand highlight is tie:

A 1906 Matched Original Proof set PCGS PR65-67  ALL CAC

$5  1795 SE PCGS AU53 CAC

Both of those highlights are items you NEVER see. To find a 1795 that is UNMESSED like this, good luck!!!!

Our other NEWPS are simply KILLER pieces! All NEWPS are now posted. Do not forget to check out our regular inventory-we have some great coins!




Our Regency 20 Sale closes Thursday evening with alive session at 7:30 EST in Las Vegas. Set up your phone bidding now! Tuesday is our travel day, however in the afternoon we can be reach at 732-233-0719 our mobile number.

Bidding already has been quite impressive for the sale. The coins are all handpicked and you already know you can bid with the utmost in confidence.

We are pleased to announce we can offer special terms on the Simpson Patterns. If you are interested, please contact us BEFORE you bid. Of course on ANY coin in a Legend auction we can assist with financing.

We’re in production for our Premier Sessions February sale now. We closed early on accepting consignments as our 150 lot maximum has been reached.  These Sessions sales now are almost full Regency sales-with out the catalogs. The quality and selection will always be far superior to any other Internet Only sales. These are NOT blow out or retread sales. Plus, we schedule them so they can be viewed at a major show (in the case of Feb-Long Beach).

We are now accepting quality consignments for our March Premier Sessions Sale and for our May Regency Sale. For special collections we can easily do special sales. We’re the small company that can do big things!

If you have any questions or wish to consign, please contact Julie Abrams (julie@legendcoin.com) or Greg Cohen (greg@legendcoin.com).  We look forward to your participation at our sales.