By design, Legend had a very quiet time last week. However we are now experiencing an up turn in activity All of our top customers have come to us saying “how come no coins-you forget about us?”. Ugh, not we have not for gotten about anyone! Just there are less then no coins around. Even the coins we posted today as NEWPS-5 were immediately  hit. We just could  not buy enough at ANA. So we do think the market is starting is slow return-early. We actually think our big auction over 2 days (Sept 26+27) will fully reawaken the market and show its full power. Typically this does not happen for another 2-3 weeks.

Today we see gold in very heavy demand. We sold our Slug this week. We are having trouble keeping better gold coins in stock. Collectors seem to be willing to pay up for GEM gold. We’ve actually been getting calls on gold Type-but most Type are still off from 2015/6 highs. And of course better coins-we could sell 2 High Reliefs in MS67 PCGS CAC and $20 Libs MS65-66 1900-1907 (No 1900 or 1904) ALL PCGS CAC just to name a few things.

Gold is not alone in seeing demand rebuilding. Silver Type-even  PR Seated and PR Barbers are finally coming out of their two year hibernation. Here too supplies are below limited!

Do not be afraid to buy now. Buying when things are quiet or off really are the BEST opportunities for many reasons.

P.S. A lot of you asked about how the Fox NFL trip was-awesome. We actually did get to hang w/the guys. They could not have been any nicer. It was pretty funny when Terry saw his Steelers losing to Cleveland. He stood in front of the TV’s and cried for the channels to be switched to Nascar. Will try and post the pic they took of all of us. Highly recommend this trip.


We’ve been very annoyed about people making claims they will have the very best sets. They will not-it is impossible. We rank Bob Simpson and the Tyrant Collection as the absolute top sets ever.  No one can catch them. For Type sets, no beats Oliver Jung.  For Bust Dollar : Bruce Morelan and now MS Trade Dollars Black Cat.

First, our long time friend and customer Bob Simpson has so many coins he blocks any one wanting to earn that title. Today, we easily value his collection at $200 million. Many of his wicked cool coins are not even posted any where. Heck he has a 25C 1853+50C 1853 PCGS MS67’s! Or his 1796 10C PCGS MS67 CAC. He has a box of MS67 DMPL’s we sold him when he was bored! He has a complete set of PR gold 1884-1915 and a complete PR Civil War set-all metals, just to name a few unknown things.

What sets him apart-he NEVER filled holes. He demanded the very BEST quality and eye appeal period. He always stepped up. A few years ago JA did see his coins. He agreed most will bean and actually was happily surprised. We’ve always had the belief even if you have the #2 set, and its of BETTER QUALITY then the #1 (even if the grades are lesser), YOU have the better set. We see too many people filling holes and thinking what they have is the best. Sorry, it does not work that way. When they go to sell, they will find out they raised the prices of coins they should not have.

Don’t get caught in PR about sets. Step back and look at what they have. Buying an MS68 something no CAC for $9,000.00 is NOT anywhere near the same as paying $20,000.00 for the same date and graded w/a bean. Rushing to fill holes have never gotten any one anywhere. Wait for the right coin.

We love working with collectors like RSD. He was driven to build the all time finest MS Barber 25C set. He did an amazing job (he really took us along for the joy ride). He just bought a #2 set of something (to be announced) that really is the #1 set. Here too, he is hyper driven to make it 100% number one full quality. He knows he has to step up and not settle. His sets will always rank among the greatest ever for their series.

ONLY great coins can be in truly great collections! Any one can claim anything these days. We are firecly proud that no active dealer to day has built as many top incredible sets as Legend Numismatics. We do not see that changing any time soon.


We worked extra hard to find come great NEWPS. We did not realize we had tagged so few NEWPS for this week, we went in our safe and pulled more out. Several coins have already been hit!

Highlights for this week include:

3cs 1860 PCGS MS65+ CAC


25C  1924 PCGS MS66+ CAC

$10  1889S PCGS MS64+  CAC

$10 1915 PCGS MS66 CAC

EVERY coin posted was handpicked for its outstanding color and eye appeal. We price all coins based upon what we paid. Legend Numismatics will always pay strong for the “right” coins. That is why our offerings are clearly superior to most!

We’ve been extremely frustrated by the lack of GEM PCGS CAC DMPL’s to buy. Just do not see any-even ones we do not like. Remember, ONLY buy these based upon how deep the mirrors are and avoid hazy coins.

We’ll have a small but powerful offering of NEWPS  next week. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy a few things at some deals we are looking at this upcoming week. Stay tuned.



Tomorrow night we have our September Premier Sessions Monthly sale closing. Included are 164 handpicked better lots. You can bid with full confidence as we supply you with FULL and accurate descriptions (most other internet firms do not). Bidding has already been fast and furious. The sale starts closing at 9 PM Est Sunday 9/16.

Next up: Our September Regency Sale. This is a major sale of 664 lots taking place over TWO nights Sept 26+27. The first night is Half Dollar night. A mind boggling selection lead by the only COMPLETE Red Book variety set ever to be auctioned and awesome 1916-1933S GEM Walker set.

Night TWO has the Legend Pr 2C set, The Hallett Merc Dime Collection and many single coins that are mind blowing! Bidding already has been fast and furious.

If you have any questions, need set up phone bidding, need extra terms, etc please call us now. The day of the sale will be too late. Contact: Julie Abrams: julie@legendauctions.com


You really should try and come to the sale. Legend RaRe Coin Auctions and PCGS will be having a special cocktail party before Wed session 3-5 PST. At that event, history will be made. We will have the worlds most expensive coin-the $1 1794 SP 66 CAC, the $1 1804 Dexter Dollar PCGS PR65, and the FINEST 5C 1913 Liberty Nickel PCGS PR66 CAC. Its numismatic nervana. No other rare coin or auction company in the world could ever do this.

This event requires and RSVP to us. Please contact Serena Meyers: serena@legendauctions.

We are always accepting consignments for our upcoming sales. Next month is October Sessions. Then the November Regency Sale. In fact that absolute deadline is here right now. We have limited spaces left. To get your coins in this sale, contact Jessica berkman: jessica@legendauctions.com.  Julie Abrams, julie@legendauctions.com. Or Greg Cohen, greg@legendauctions.com. They will craft the best plan for you to maximize your returns. We have hybrid plans available-just ask.