While most collectors are having difficulties finding any coins, it seems up in the highest echelons of the hobby activity is fast and furious.

Legend Numismatics is proud to announce the sale of the second finest $10 1795-a PCGS MS65+ CAC. The sale price was OVER $2,000,000.00. The coin is from the collection of long time Legend customer Far Eagle. The coin is a marvelous and totally original SUPERB GEM MS 65+.

The new owner is working on a GEM PRE 1800 Type set and pretty much a top 100 set (he is the second person we know of working on this set). Quite a task! We can tell you the 1795 was Far East Eagles favorite coin (last year he sold his FINEST GRADED PR $10 Indian Collection for world record prices though Legend Rare Coin Auctions). Legend thanks both parties for allowing us to do this transaction. When it comes to million dollar plus coins, no dealer has placed more than us to different collectors! That is the power of Legend Numismatics customer base.

if you notice there is someone quietly building a Top 100 set out there. This answers what if Bill Gates started collecting coins? The competition for coins at the highest levels-like this $10 1795 are enjoying crazy never seen before demand.  The 1870-CC $20 PCGS AU53 NO CAC brought a staggering world record $1,620,000.00 in Thursday night’s Heritage Sale.


Yes, this does make a difference!  There is so much dreck out there you always have to be on guard. This past week we witnessed some very unfortunate situations that are making us repeat this warning.

You do not want to be the person to buy a coin that turned due to putting or was just plain doctored. Over grading is a problem too. Then you have to figure out what to pay for a coin. Last, in this day and age, if a coin is not CAC’d, ask why? Any smart person/dealer knows they would get more for the coin with the bean.

Those reasons alone should make you stop and think: hey maybe I should not be doing this alone. A good dealer will be your eyes and a “partner” of sorts in your collection. They will be by your side. They will advise you and help you buy and sell.  Even if you love bidding in auctions, phone bid with them. Sometimes they will say no or stop you from a disastrous purchase.

How do you find a good dealer? #1 are they committed to quality? #2 what is their reputation? #3 have they built any significant sets? #4 are they bourse floor active (do they buy and sell with other dealers at shows)?

It pisses us off to see these hucksters/marketers out there selling dreck to collectors who just love the hobby. We are tired of coming in and being the villains by breaking collectors the bad news about what they own. It does not have to be that way.

Last, if you’re out there and be bopping around-you WILL run into yourself. It’s not good having your Want List in more than one place!

Legend Numismatics has a PROVEN track record of putting the collector first. Look at the sets we have built-#1 registry sets of Simpson, Morelan, Half Dome, Black Cat, RSD 25C, etc.  We’re well known on the bourse floor-and have a more then solid reputation. Are we committed to quality? Heck YES!

Be careful out there!


The coin market is still hit or miss strong. In general Silver Type has softened a little. The majority of gold coins are still smokin hot.  We expect the Baltimore Show to be red hot too!

Its the first major coins show in just about 2 years on the East Coast. We expect a flood of collectors to attend. We think the business transacted at the show will be tremendous-if coins appear.

Legend and Legend Auctions will be sharing a table-643. We’d love to see you-we missed everyone! Lets do some business!

The next show is the PCGS Invitational in Las Vegas December 16th and it includes a killer sale by Legend Rare Coin Auctions. We expect that sale to be strong too. We expect the 2022 Fun Sale to be last of the powerful shows. After that, shows will be happening again regularly and coins will slowly eke out of hiding. It is our strong opinion it could be a different and slower market in 2022. But then we do not know how deep that mystery black hole (where coins have disappeared too) grew during the pandemic.

Note: based on auction prices realized last night in the Heritage sale, when it comes to gold, the published prices are too cheap -period.


FINALLY! Half Domes duplicates are starting to come out! Its going to be a long slow process. We’ll be able to offer some coins direct and some will appear in our January sale. These are all Indian 20th century gold and Saints. We have a small group of the only NON CAC Half Dome coins in this listing of NEWPS. These are NOT marginal or drecky coins. We would NEVER sell off quality like that. And we priced each coin at the right current market. Legend will stand behind these coins-like ANY coins we sell.

Also, we have a marvelous 50C 1807 Draped Bust in GEM MS65+ PCGS CAC. WOW!

Our biggest and final highlight: the monster Ex Missouri Cabinet H.01 1793 PCGS MS66BN CAC. We PAID $920,000.00 at the sale. It is tied for finest known.

We invite you to check out our great inventory of PCGS CAC coins. Everything is handpicked!




The watch list for our Regency 49 sale is now posted. This sale has one of the largest gold offerings we have ever had! Visit the web site today to see a presale list with unedited descriptions.

This sale takes place December 16th in Las Vegas at the PCGS Invitational.

Start preparing for the sale today! We assure you, in this heated market (especially with the gold coins) things will not be cheap! See the Market Report on the LRCA web site.

Or, if you have coins for our 50th Regency Sale taking place in January, we will be accepting consignments until mid December. We already have serious wicked cool consignments that will make this sale a classic!

Call or email us to discuss placing your coins on what will be another great sale! We already have the Naples Round II of Early $5 gold and duplicate selections from the Half Dome Collection. Plus, we just picked up an incredible deal of high grade Proof Morgans.