Can’t believe what was on a chatroom about this subject. Several “mouthpieces” feel the market is not so good. We want to know why in the heck they would say that? Legend is and NEVER has been one to hype things. Read our prior Market Reports and you will see we actually say when things are slow or what ever. To say today’s market is poor is just plain stupid and NOT true. Chatrooms create more baloney then Oscar Meyer! Legend Numismatics will factually state that on OUR level, the market is VERY strong. Not at 2008 prices, but NOT at Jan 2015 prices either. Plus, we DO very much see NEW people entering the marketplace.  We have heard NO complaints from other dealers.

Sure if you have marginal widgets or unattractive problem coins you are the hole now. The slop always stays on the bottom and never really recovers. Right now there are HUGE players (almost Simpson like buyers) roaming around. One in particular (the one who wants to be Eliasberg jr) HAS turned many areas of the market around by spending at least $60 million (an educated estimate) since July (and we know he has more spending to come-that he has told us about)!  Because of him alone, a ton of coins are now off the market into an educational trust.  Plus, may dealers now have liquidity again. Now add in all the other tigers roaming around and that is really big money seeking so few great coins that can be had. Legend alone has 12 (yes 12) collectors who spend OVER $1 million a year on coins exclusively with us. All we know is we get calls at midnight from these people asking if we found their coins yet? In fact while writing this, our hedgie emailed asking when is he getting his next coin (remember he has completed sets of all 20th century gold in GEM and he is seeking impossible upgrades). Any one have any pop 1 or 2 FINEST KNOWN PCGS CAC (only) 20th Century gold-MS65 or finer that is not ridiculous shot money? Demand is as strong as EVER for great coins.

Some of the hottest areas include: Early Copper, 3CN Proofs (some nice ones have hit the market lately and brought back interest), ALL Bust material in AU-to the finest,  Standing Quarters, hate to say it-Franklin Halves in PR and MS, lower grade MS Seated Dollars AU-MS64 (surprised the heck out of us), Peace Dollars, ALL GOLD especially Bust Gold, high grade gold, generics, and of course GEM Proof Gold. Still sluggish, MS+PR Seated and Barbers, MS Lincoln Cents, all 5C, Mercury 10C, Walkers, Bust Dollars, Commems. Of course there are a few series we did not mention because we do not participate in them.

Unless you read something by an EXPERIENCED PRO like Legend -it is nothing but speculation and coming from any chatroom it will be hot air about nothing. This week alone Legend sold over $500,000.00 to our customers and not a single coin sold was a Want List Transaction. By the way, we now have OVER $22,000,000.00 million again in Want Lists. Last week we SOLD nearly $1,000,000.00 because we found some bigger Want List coins. If the market was dead, we would not be selling anywhere near as much as we are.

We will make this bold prediction: The Pouge Sale-which was postponed because the market was soft last September, will be a RECORD sale and there will be insane bidding wars. If that isn’t enough-watch the Blue Moon coins do the same. The market does stop and is negative if you have semi retreads or coins that are marginal and or have little eye appeal. Many people sadly have coins like those (for which they also paid too much)  which have fallen hard. So they will go on places like chatrooms and make fake news to the degree say the market is not good. They try to make others share their mistakes. Know the writer commenting on the market-especially in chatrooms where you don’t and can’t find out their experience. Because someone claims they were a dealer does not mean they handled anything but slop or really were successful. Legend is one of the biggest dealers in the world who attends EVERY major show and auction and is a MAJOR player in EVERY major show and auction. Plus, we are constantly in touch with fellow dealers. We KNOW what is really happening in current times. If we were wrong, we would not have the clientele we do or be nearly as successful as we are.

P.S If you need representation for Pogue or Blue Moon, please contact us immediately.  These are going to be two crazy sales.  Our availability is filling up!


Yet again, we managed to acquire some fantastic NEWPS. Each coin has been fully hand selected for its quality and just as important, its eye appeal.

The two world class highlight coins are:

25C  1911 PCGS PR68 DCAMEO CAC ********************$22,500.00

$1 1880 MORGAN PCGS PR68 CAMEO (NO CAC)********$42,500.00

The 1880 Proof Morgan $1 is so amazing, we fully disagree that cac did not bean it. WE LOVE the coin and will always make a market in it. As many of you know, this situation happens very rarely that we post non cac coins.

Of course we have many other great NEWPS. We always strive to find coins for all tastes and budgets. Morgan Collectors, we have not forgotten about you! And DMPL buyers, we won’t buy the hazed up slop like the other guys-remember we LOVE DMPL’s-so be patient!



MARCH PREMIER SESSIONS SALE IS NOW LIVE FOR BIDDING! The sale closes March 16th starting at 10 PM est.

The entire March sale WILL be on display at the Orlando Mid Winter ANA Show next week. See us at table 611!

Final call for consignments for the April Premier Session and the big May Regency Sale. We have some amazing coins already in house for both  Next week we’ll be announcing two very substantial coins for the May Sale. Our sales work!  We get prices as high-or even higher then the big guys. If you wish to consign to any sale-contact Julie Abrams: or Greg Cohen: They will work with you from start to finish. Our motto: a happy buyer makes for a happy seller.

Upcoming Auction Schedule:

March Premier Sessions Internet Only -NOW through March 16th 10 PM Est LIVE NOW

April Premier Sessions Internet Only-March 30-April 6th 10 PM est

May Regency-New Orelans, closes May 18th  5PM est in a live session