Pre Las Vegas Invitational


We must admit, we came home from Long Beach and activity was very busy. Then as only the coin market is famous for-our activity stopped. Sales off our web site last week were quiet (although we did sell the magnificent 1867S 25C). However, sales in the office were good (we were 3 for 3 on bigger Want List coins and we are already working on a six figure biggie for this week plus a total monster coin that will never see the web site).

Looks like the summer doldrums have arrived early. We kind of called it-unless there are major auction events, most people think now there will be a lack of great material. So why bother shopping? The smart collectors (the ones who are really addicted) look all the time and thrive for markets like this. If coins do pop up (which we just had 3+2 more pending) you can get some terrific deals. You can do really well buying off dealer web sites right now. Plus, while auctions may not have huge collections, you can definitely pick through them and find a deal or two.


The time has finally arrived. It is with great sadness and excitement (figure that out) our sister company Legend Rare Coin Auctions will be selling one of the all-time greatest sets of mint state Morgans EVER assembled-the Coronet Collection. To say these coins are nice is a gross understatement! Without a doubt the coins in Coronet are the BEST of the BEST. The sale of this collection represents and unequalled opportunity for Morgan collectors.

Every coin in the set was selected strictly for its incredible qualities and eye appeal. We did NOT include any “plastic” maxed out grades. To us that would not make a true #1 collection. This set took many years and a lot of hard work to build. We know savvy Morgan collectors will realize we did all the hard work for them! In todays market you can’t find anything remotely similar to these coins-many of which are also the ONLY examples beaned by CAC.

We expect multiple price records to be realized.

This collection should be used as a learning tool. The owner of the set demanded the VERY BEST quality all along. He would NOT sacrifice quality to fill a hole. More important, he knew he had to pay up to buy the very best. Last, he held the coins for as long as possible. He is only selling today because he is retiring and needs to do some estate planning. His wish is that his “friends” find great new homes.

One of our all-time favorite coins in the set-the incredible 1892CC PCGS MS67+ CAC. There is nothing else like it. It was added to the set back in 2006 for $87,500.00. The coin is knocking on MS68’s door. Every single person who has seen it has been floored by its quality and eye appeal. We fully expect a coin like this to set a world record price-possibly of six figures! Its easy to get there when you do todays auction math: Been off the market 9 years, its is unquestionably a MONSTER, its the BEST of the BEST in a wildly popular series (CC’s), and there is nothing close to it. This is definitely the kind of coin you “pay what it takes” to buy in auction. If you offered us $125,000.00-we could not find you anything remotely close to this coins quality. Of the 64 coins in the sale, we can see 64 bringing runaway results! Be prepared. We’re NOT hyping you-this could be your ONLY chance to buy REAL quality Morgans for a VERY long time!

Legend wishes to thank the Coronet Collector for allowing us to be “partners” in his fantastic numismatic journey. The Coronet Collections place in numismatic history is assured to be significant!


We’re doing just a handful of NEWPS as this week we are in Las Vegas for the PCGS Invitational (Legends office is still operational). The clear highlight of the NEWPS-a $20 1929 PCGS MS65 CAC. When is the last time you saw one of those offered? Also, we have taken a few “old friends” and relisted them at lower prices. There are some really great coins we are scratching our heads over as to why they are not sold already (example 1C 1911 PCGS PR66BN-an ULTRA high end killer).

Now is the best time to make some deals!


Place your BIDS NOW!

The week has arrived! At 4:30 PST (7;30 EST) Thursday we will begin the live sale for out Regency XII auction. You may leave bids on the web until the sale goes live (then you need to reconnect). Final request: if you wish to phone bid please call Julie Abrams Monday in our offices (Wednesday is the absolute cutoff). After that she will be reachable via our auction cell: 732-233-0719. Also, if you need to make ANY special arraignments, contact us NOW!

Lot viewing will be all day Wed+Thur at the show. The staff will be traveling to LV Tuesday morning.

This is our biggest and BEST sale to date! We’ve already had a record numbers of new bidders register (including several from all over the world) and a whole lot of really strong bids placed. We can see already this sale will be strong. As we always say “there is no substitution for quality”-and there sure is a lot of quality in this sale! Good luck to everyone!

Again, Tuesday afternoon on the staff will be in Las Vegas. You can reach us at : 732-233-0719 on our cell.