While it may not be the right coins, we can say with confidence coins are clearly in the marketplace again. We are going to offer two back to back groups of NEWPS with over $300,000.00 each in value. At the end of last year, we were scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for NEWPS and could barely muster $100,000.00.  We are seeing many coins valued BELOW $10,000.00 again; however still not the “right ones”. You’d think the market would be slowing-IT IS NOT! We all may have tremendously underestimated how much the market place expanded during the pandemic. We are still seeing so many rare coins wandering into collectors with deep pockets.

We need to stress, that because there is an influx of rare coins popping up in auctions, you can’t be too choosy. Not only in many cases is it still one and done, when a coin does appear, it usually sells pretty quick. In most cases, the better coins will be priced above the last auction records-because these prices now reflect the new market values. So you can’t be a bottom fisher and try to buy better coins. Most likely there will be someone waiting behind you willing to pay the price.  When nice coins do hit the market prices are naturally bringing bigger premiums.

The market may seem a tad slower these days because there are many more coins to choose from and collectors are continuing to adjust to the new levels.  But, if you get the right coins and shazam they are sold!  With gold coins (especially better gold) our motto is “if its gold-its sold!”. We’d bet if we sat down and figured our sales to collectors in the past year, over 65% would be gold. The demand for gold is and always will be never ending.  It’s a bit weird, you can say the same for CC coins and Peace Dollars too!


We believe it will be a slow rollout around May.  Even though, John Albanese has founded PCGS and NGC, he  is currently working harder than ever to set up the new CAC grading. We know him well and see all the hard work he is involved with setting up the new encapsulating service.

It’s quite obvious the existing grading services have taken notice, as coins that are deserving are not being considered.  As well, submitting for upgrades once a pedigreed set is complete are harder as well. The game has tightened and is not what it used to be.

If you have any questions, please email or call us.


We are pleased to have some amazing coins in our NEWPS offering this week. Highlights include:

1C 1856 FE PCGS PR65 CAC
25C 1820 LG 0 PCGS MS64 CAC
$5 1897 PCGS MS66+ CAC

Of course, we have many more exciting NEWPS being offered. We have a few killer Type pieces as well. Call or email us to discuss any of interest.



Our Regency 57 was a success! Boom! Now it’s time for our weekly sale. This week, we have the Houston collection. A hodgepodge from a single owner. These are NOT low end or ugly looking coins. If you need assistance or would like a more detailed verbal grade status from an experienced numismatist, call us.

We are on our final call for consignments for the CSNS Sale in April. Our sale will be held LIVE at the show. The absolute deadline is March 15th. Call or email the BEST team in the auction business today to discuss your coins for either the weeklies or Auction 58.

We will not be checking our voice messages until 9 AM Monday.  If you see something of interest or have any questions. Please email