We gave our thanks, and are now ready to move on. As typical for the week, activity was very quiet. However, out of the clear blue we have been offered a few off the chart insane items that have been off the market for a very long time. Plus, after some reflection on T day, we realized life isn’t over or even close to being over for the coin market. We ended the week on a feel good note.

While activity never picked up after the summer doldrums and the stock and coin markets decided to take a dive-our level of the coin market really did not. Our sales this year had been so strong we were just going to sit back and relax November and December. After a few flurries of activity, November is a fully profitable month-and we still have one week left. This was totally unexpected. To accomplish this, we found a few really rare coins and sold a lot of coins $1,000.00-$4,000.00 as fast as we posted them on our site (which we did not realize). Even more surprising, not that many people needed financing. We have a small pile of NEWPS stockpiled to last us through the middle of December. Again, we are going for the relaxation mode.

Now we are more bullish on our end of the market. We have seen NO dumping. In fact, we have gotten bigger and more sophisticated Want List requests recently. We’re easily back to over $20,000,000.00 in Want List values. The top requested coins we can not find at all: PCGS CAC GEM 65 and higher DMPL Morgans. If you have any call or email us, we re aggressive buyers of full clear mirrored GEMS.

Even though we find our market to be acting better, we still call the overall market choppy. For coins even 5% less then top quality, they are having extreme difficulty trading and full prices. Most are now seeing steep discounts. We absolutely consider this to be a major buying opportunity, not a time to panic or doubt your doubt your holdings. The coin market is not going to hell or imploding. The most successful collectors have ridden through all cycles and never stopped buying what they needed. This is a fact, not a hype to get people to buy. If the “right” coins pop up-they still sell for strong money and go back into that deep black hole for a very long time. These days opportunities do not last too long and in many cases you only have one shot.

Our final feeling: the market is not slithering to zero. There is way too much money out there. As the stock market stops its crazy ride and the new President of PCGS hopefully comes in and really tackles coin docs and grading issues, things will rebound beyond our wildest dreams. Until then the coin market is choppy with a very limited supply of really nice coins.


Last week we had planned on posting the $20 1854 LG DT PCGS MS64 CAC. We got thrown off course and are now posting it. Sorry. This week yet again, we have some incredible NEWPS. The main highlight of course is the $20 1854, Look at these special coins following right behind:

H.01   1797 1 OVER 1 PCGS MS64 BN CAC  GRAYSON


5C  1913 TY II PCGS PR67+ CAC

$2.5 1838 PCGS MS63+ CAC

$20 1854 LG DT PCGS MS64 CAC

Of course we have many other coins posted that will fit many tastes and budgets. Take our word on it, we are not just buying expensive coins. It harder then you think to find really nice coins valued between $1,000.00-$5,000.00 that are PCGS and are CAC.

We invite you to check out our regular listed inventory. There are several coins we scratch our heads on as to why they have not found great new homes. We will work extra hard to get you into the coins of your desires.

Keep in mind, we price our coins based upon what we pay. Our mark ups are small and are always VERY fair. Do know we WILL step and pay what it takes to get crazy monster coins. We strive to buy the top 5% in both quality and eye appeal. Our coins are not cheap-but we have more then PROVEN NO ONE ELSE consistently sells the quality we do. Legend Numismatics mission is to build great collections of ALL sizes and grades or just sell really neat coins.



Note: We will be shipping a majority of coins from our Nov 15th Regency Sale Monday and Tuesday. We did not want to risk having them out during the holidays.

The consignment deadline for our last Premier Sessions sales is now closed. This sale will be one heck of an ending-with over 325 lots and coins ranging in value from $1,000.00 to $55,000.00! We were even consigned a $1 1934 PCGS MS67 (non CAC)! Also there are lots lots that are old holders such as MS63/64 $20 Libs that are from a long put away collection in this sale-The Sand Hill Collection. Another Collection in this sale: the Symphony Collection is similar. We assure you, this is NOT a bunch of shlock thrown together to have a big sale.

This sale is a MUST see. We will have lot viewing at the December PCGS Invitational in Last Vegas. The sale will close Sunday night December 16th.

We are working overtime to get everything described and posted. We do post unedited descriptions and lots to give you an idea of what is coming up for sale.


LRCA is working with PCGS to provide a very special service. PCGS will be accepting submissions at our lot viewing on Friday and Saturday. ANY coins submitted there will guaranteed to be the first graded at Long Beach. Even if you are not bidding in our sale, we invite you to come by and do some biz with our sister company Legend Numismatics and submit your coins. This is a very rare opportunity for all collectors and a great one for many dealers as well.

The sale will be held at the Marriott on Pico in BH Sunday night January 27th. It is where the old Superior used to hold sales (it used to be a Crowne Plaza). So many memories!

Please contact Julie Abrams: for more information.


We can not believe the support we have gotten from so many people. THANK YOU! This will be an amazing sale.

The Maybach Collection of Buffalos Nickels is a COMPLETE PCGS MS65 set. It is partially CAC. All coins have been off the market for many, many years.

The Star Collection of Morgans is complete ALL PCGS ALL CAC set. Grades range from AU55 to MS67.

The Formula One Barber Half group is a remarkable partial collection. The grades are MS66-67. Every coin is handpicked and several coins are CAC. Included are coins like a 1896-O PCGS MS67 CAC-POP 1. WOW!

Then there are single monsters like what we believe to be the second finest ever 1909 VDB PR 66 RD CAC 1C. It has been off the market for over 20 years! A very rare Saint in high grade-a $20 1922-S PCGS MS66+ CAC is included. There are two out of this world toners: one is a 50C 1946 PCGS MS67+ CAC we expect to set a world record on, and one of the wildest colored 1904O $1 we have ever seen! And its only a PCGS CAC MS65. The big toner of the auction: the 50C 1956 PCGS MS66+ CAC. It was the offered along with the record setting 1957 (we sold it for over $100,000.00) and the collector felt THIS coin was the better of the 2. No matter what, this coin WILL sell for a record price-be ready!

The PRE LB sale will be a typical LRCA jam packed quality offering you expect from us. We never thought we could continually keep the bar that this level, but so far so good. We want to offer the VERY best coins so you can always bid/buy with full confidence.

We are on our very final call for consignments. We have less then 50 lots  open. We are only accepting extraordinary coins right now. ALL coins MUST be in our office no later then December 3rd at noon. Minimum Value: $7,500.00 per lot $25,000.00 minimum. Check our prior auctions, we get better prices then the big guys! Over 90% of our coins sell directly to collectors.

Contact Julie Abrams: julie@legendauctions, Greg Cohen: greg@legendauctions, and jessica berkman: jessica@legendauctions. Our staff will work hard to create the best way for you to maximize your return.