Last week we said we would not be posting a new Market Report. Things have changed!

We expected the past week to be slow with not much happening out side of selling a few NEWPS. Oh were we wrong!

From the time we put the first NEWPS up Saturday until now (as this is being written), our sales were far stronger then we expected. In fact we are on plane right now and sold two coins from 22000 feet above Missouri! Everything from soup to nuts was selling. Initially we were selling a ton of coins priced BELOW $5,000.00. Multiple coins had numerous back up buyers too-something we have not seen much of the past few months. When Monday rolled around, we had some very interesting inquiries for coins priced $20-75,000.00. Starting Tuesday we significant sales-including a few long time öld friends”. We are now sold out of all our MS67 and MS68 Barber Halves (to mention one area). We did sell several mid range five figure coins. We do have a few sales pending. Adding up the totals, it was a surprisingly good week.

The momentum certainly seems to be there right now. For whatever reason, people woke up to the “new”market pricing and are jumping in. We felt posting NEWPS was now a must!

Not hyping anything, but be aware the supply of cool fresh coins is incredibly limited. So don’t wait too long or blink-coins are selling! We predict you won’t have much to choose from in another few weeks if demand remains as is-even with a Baltimore Show coming up.


We need lots of coins. BUT we only want what WE want. Sorry, just because we are major CAC market makers we will NOT buy every coin offered. There are simply many coins we do NOT buy (and there are many coins we make sightUNSEEN bids on). However, we will pay strong for what we do need. WE DO NOT BUY ANY MODERNS!

Here are a few specific things we need:

ALL AU58 PCGS CAC (ONLY) Bust Halves. Yes, we do have a customer base for them!

BOLD DMPL Morgans-ALL PCGS CAC (ONLY) MS65 and higher. ANY DATE. We do NOT want weak or hazy mirrors. We want the kind of B+W coin you can see from across the room. We will pay premiums.

BETTER DATE PCGS CAC (ONLY) Saints MS64 and higher. Would like a 1912 MS64 and higher, a 1913 MS65, all the W/M MS66’s and MS66+ we can find PCGS CAC (ONLY), ALL W/M PCGS CAC MS67’s, a 27S MS64 and higher, a PR 1909 65 and higher.  Could also a High Relief or two FE PCGS MS66 or 67 CAC (ONLY).

ALL PR Barber Dimes in PCGS CAC 67 or higher. Must have color and NOT be dark. Will always consider Cameo’s.

ALL PR Barber Halves in PCGS CAC PR66 or higher. Cameo or DCameos in high grade great! NO DARK coins.

ALL early gold PCGS CAC (ONLY) AU 55 and higher. Especially need 1796 $2.5 AU55 and higher (W/Stars) and 1808 $2.5 AU55 and higher. Will buy true MS coins.

If you have something fresh, cool, and eye appealing, offer it to us. Of course we LOVE finest known and wicked cool coins. We will buy entire collections-even they are raw. Few firms spend what we do in a year. Our Want Lists still exceed $20 million dollars! Try us. No deal too small or too large. Call or email George: legend@legendcoin.com


We have a smaller group of NEWPS, but the quality makes up for the quantity! We’re also repricing a few öld friends” (there are some coins we never understand why they have not sold already).

All the NEWPS are now posted by! Images will not be ready until Monday.


We’re enjoying an unexpected busy week here too! Some really nice and fresh consignments have come in. Have to brag about the Humbert 887 Slug PCGS AU53 CAC and the classic rarity 25C 1827/3 Original PCGS PR64!

Got a killer 50C 1845 PR64 CAMEO CAC and a marvelous 25C 1849 PCGS PR65 CAC. These are super high end coins!

We will have as many highlights as possible on display at the Baltimore Show at the end of the month.

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The consignment deadline for our May Sale is quickly coming upon us. The Baltimore Show is our final deadline.

If you have coins you wish to consign, please call or email Greg Cohen (greg@legendauctions.com) or Julie Abrams  (julie@legendauctions.com). Our office number is 732-935-1168.