$1 1799 PCGS AU58


We have seen so many AU 58 Bust dollars we think are at the top of the dreck heap. So many have been cleaned or are over graded. To find even one 1799 as nice as this is equates to finding a needle in a hay stack. We fully grade this coin a GEM AU58!

Fabulous surfaces are a joy to behold. Play detective and try and find any real problems with a strong glass and you will be foiled. The surface texture is semi satiny and smooth. A surprising amount of original luster remains and glows from all over. Both sides are a phenomenal totally original pewter/pale dove/faint olive/pale champagne color. These colors are NOT dull or drab in any way. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are sharply struck. Most important, there is NO wear discoloration on the high points, and all wear is super light. The eye appeal is super GEMMY.

PCGS 100, NGC 124, CAC 24. All published pricing on these are ridiculous incorrect. Buy the nicest ones, pay the premiums and put them away. You’ll do really well and have some neat coins too! Even with 100 graded, we can’t snap our fingers and replace the high end quality and eye appeal of this GEM AU!


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