OMG! This is not an AU55 scrubbed up to be an AU58! This coin is a VERY real AU58 1801 !  We can not stress enough the extreme rarity of this date in this condition. Remember,  Legend Numismatics exclusively built the all time FINEST EVER MS Bust Dollar set-The Legend Collection. We know how these should come in AU and higher!  This date does not come all that nice! This coin is from the Flanngan Collection -a complete set (yes, an 1804 $1 was in it) we exclusively built and sold via auction in 1999! Overall, this coin has a remarkably clean and remarkably smooth surfaces. Even using a strong glass will only impress you more. A surprising luster beams from all over. Both sides are a totally original golden brown/deep pewter/purple coloration. Most important, the high points display minimal light wear/rub. There really are NO major discolorations. Miss Liberty and he details are extremely well defined and do stand out. The eye appeal is PHENOMENAL! PCGS 23, NGC 22, CAC 4. NO PCGS CAC piece have ever been sold via auction. Our selling price is more then fair-be glad this coin is not in any auction! We can not stress enough how many Bust Dollars have been cleaned or played with over the years. Plus, gradeflation has made so many nice coins into so/so weak pieces. This 1801 if the real deal. Good luck finding another!