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Item# 55022

WOW! This coin is not just choice-we consider it GEM. We absolutely rank this coin as 63.9!

Amazing surfaces are as pristine as you will ever see for Bust Dollar. Even using a powerful glass and searching every inch of surfaces, you will find NO imperfections of ANY size. The surface texture is slightly satiny. A strong glowing luster beams from all over. Both sides are evenly covered in a moderate pale olive/lavender/gold/pale purple mix of totally original colors. This is far from being dull or drab. Miss Liberty and  the details are extremely well struck and have gentle frost. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 1, NGC 4, CAC 4 (we know that coin has been resubmitted at least once). PCGS has graded ONLY this coin in MS63+. There are 3 in MS65 (only 1 is CAC). There are NO MS64’s. It is a myth to think this date is “common”in any way. The last PCGS CAC MS63 to sell in auction (Not +) brought $64,625.00 03/2016. AN PCGS CAC MS64 would easily bring $125,000.00++ today if one even existed!

If you are building a fabulous Type or even a Bust Dollar set, this coin is a “must own”. Remember, Legend Numismatics exclusively built the FINEST EVER Bruce Morelan set of Bust Dollars. We know not only how these come, but what you do and do not see in the marketplace. This coin is something you do not see nor will you ever see many similar.


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