From the moment we first saw this super choice piece, we wanted to own it. Having help build the all time #1 MS Bust Dollar set-we know how hard it is to find a true ORIGINAL 1802 $1 in real MS. In fact the 1802 was the last coin we needed to complete the set! We do think if this coin had a little more even color, it would make 63+. Regardless, this coin oozes quality and total originality. Remarkable surfaces are surprisingly clean and smooth. We did use  strong glass and found NO imperfections of ANY size, ANY where. A moderate luster actually makes the even “old time” original toning stand out. Deeper (but NOT black or drab) shades of olive/golden brown/deep champagne/pale navy blend together all over. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely well struck. We do grade the reverse a MS64. The eye appeal is very pleasing! PCGS 1, NGC 4, CAC 3 (this coin might be 2X). Prior to our buying this coin, it had last sold for $71,875.00 01/2012. Considering there are NONE graded in MS62 and MS64 and 3 in MS65 (two are NOT nice and NO MS65’s have been beaned),  your chances of buying a real true choice coin out side of this are almost NON existent! Legend Numismatics is pleased to own and offer this coin for inclusion in any great Bust Dollar, Type, or made up collection. It deserves a great long term home! Plus, we feel this coin offers unlimited potential as the market seems to have “spanked” its value some.

SKU: 23335