$1 1841 PCGS PR63 EX STARR


Legend Numismatics is proud to offer this incredible ULTRA RARE GEM. There is no exact mintage, but it is estimated 6-12 were ever minted. Plus, it is so rare that after 30+ years of operations, PCGS has graded only this coin and the PR 64 (which we sold for six figures).  So this is the ONLY PCGS PR example that can be bought (the PR64 is locked a away in a major set). Absolutely deep mirrors shimmer boldly from all over. For just an PR63, they have remarkable clarity, cleanliness, and of course have a bold reflection (get your Ray Bans out)!  Even when using a strong glass you can not find any imperfections. Deep shades of totally original navy/purple colors cover both sides. The colors are rich but NOT drab/dull . We think maybe PCGS did not care for the colors-but who knows? This certainly is NOT a lifeless coin.Every detail looks like it was sculpted by a surgeons knife. There is some very delicate frost hidden around. The eye appeal is super flashy! PCGS 1, NGC 4, CAC 1. This coin has never sold as a PCGS CAC piece in auction. The last NGC piece to sell in auction (NOT this coin) brought $74,750.00 04/2008. The current Collectors Universe  Value is $80,000.00. THIS COIN REPRESENTS POSSIBLY THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY FOR A COLLECTOR TO ACQUIRE A PCGS 1841 PROOF. Again, the PR64, is locked up in major Seated Proof set. Even if you are not building a set, it still one heck of a coin to put away. Think about this: 1841 PR Dollars have made FEWER appearances in the last decade then 1804 $1’s! Now this coin is a real rarity!


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