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Item# 21816

Until recently, this was the coin in our #1 ALL TIME registry MS Seated Dollar set. We had searched for many years and until now, this was the BEST 46O we have ever seen. The quality is EXTREMELY high end!

We strongly believe in the “old days” pre certification, this coin would have been called a GEM MS65. We think PCGS was too harsh on it. With out a glass, there are ZERO impairments visible. Even more shocking, with a glass there are still ZERO impairments to be found. The surfaces are also satiny smooth. A moderate luster shows off moderate slightly dusky (NOT dull or drab) original pale olive/golden brown colors that are evenly spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have no problems. The eye appeal is very nice!

PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 3 (one is a 64+). A former 1846O PCGS MS64 sold for $70,550.00 01/2015 and is now the +. That lone 64+ is now locked away in our #1 all time set and is unavailable. This is your only opportunity to buy the second finest 1846O Dollar. By searching for 15+ years, we did all the hard work for you finding this 46O!


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