$1 1867 PCGS PR66 DCAMEO


There are okay DCameos, then there is  coin like this-a wicked near and bold DCameo. We also rank this coin extremely high end  and a 66.8+! Highly polished mirrors put on some show. You can see them from years away. The mirrors are super deep and beam boldly from all over. The mirrors exhibit remarkably clarity (NO HAZE) and appear super clean. Only with a strong glass can you find some microscopic die polishing lines (Mint made). When you twirl this coin the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of glass. A soft mix of faint gold and pale lilac from parts of the stars. The contrast is bold. Miss Liberty and every detail are fully struck. The frost is so thick it looks like this coin was carved from frosted block of ice. The eye appeal is gorgeous! Only 625 were minted. PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. NONE are graded higher any where. Can’t say if it was this coin, but ELEVEN LONG YEARS AGO is when the last PCGS piece (a NON CAC of course) sold in auction. Back then it brought $41,400.00  (2007). You’d figure today with far more demand and a bean, it would be worth far more. Type like this has been so overlooked the last few years. This is why a big coin like this seem to us to be pure opportunity! This coin is the real deal. If you are building a set or love bid proof coins, this coin WILL make you smile! Once this coin is sold, it will take a very long time to find anything similar. Do not let pure opportunity slip away!


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