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$1 1875-S TRADE PCGS MS66


Item# 56990

Another Hall of Fame set Legend has built is the all time finest ever-MS Trade Dollars. We have seen them all. Even though this coin is only an MS66, it has MS68 looks! We have seen few equals-ever. Legend did resubmit for a an MS66+. Oh well. Still, it is a killer coin!

Only some FAINT lines in the right field (you need a strong glass to see them with) keep this coin from being a $75,000.00 monster. Overall, the surfaces are exceptionally clean and smooth. There is a faint trace of  semi-prooflike mirrors. The luster is thick, satiny, and is nearly blinding. Whats even more amazing, this is not a dipped or messed with coin. Both sides are totally original. A thin band of pale gold frames the outer rims only. The centers are a crisp creamy white. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is incredible! We assure you, you won’t find a similar MS trade Dollar-for years-if EVER!

PCGS 7, NGC 5, CAC 3. Prior to this coin selling, the last PCGS MS66 CAC that sold in auction brought $28,750.00 01/2012. It was NOT this coin. If you are building a MONSTER Type or even a MS Trade Dollar set, not including this coin would be a HUGE mistake! If we’re telling you we have not seen any like it-that should mean something!

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