$1 1875 S/CC PCGS MS64


This is an exquisite example of an extremely rare and hard to find nice date! As you know, Legend has built the all time finest EVER MS Trade Dollar set. We searched all over and had no limits when it cameo t finding he finest. Our knowledge of the series in unequaled! We rarely ever see these with as much luster or “pop” like this coin exhibits. Overall, the surfaces show just a few trivial ticks-but do appear clean and smooth. The luster is intense. There are small hints of faint semi-prooflike mirrors. Both sides are untoned. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and are well struck. You can clearly see the remnants of the CC on the reverse with out a glass. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 5, NGC 4, CAC 2. The ONLY coin finer is in our Legend Collection (an MS65). We could not resist owning this classic Trade Dollar rarity. It sold in our 02/2016 Auction for $27,025.00. The current Collectors Universe Value is a more appropriate $29,500.00 (still to cheap). We strongly believe this coin should be worth $40-$50,000.00. You certainly can’t replace it!      

SKU: 23283