VERY HIGH END QUALITY and stunning flash. This coin looks like it was carved from a frosted block of ice! ULTRA (and we mean ULTRA) deep mirrors have it all. the ONLY thing we could that keeps this coin from a PR65 DCameo and a price of $20,000.00+-a few stray LIGHT HIDDEN lines. The mirrors are crystal clear, are clean overall, and have stunning reflectivity. They are just so deep and have that “watery” look when you twirl the coin. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted cold carved from ice and are fully struck. You can’t get a more “black and white” looking Trade Dollar. The eye appeal is jaw dropping for sure! PCGS 5, NGC 6, CAC 2. PCGS has graded NONE higher. This coin is not cheap, but then once you see it, you will know why. in an auction it is the kind of coin that brings a “runaway” price. Fortunately, this is NOT an auction! NO PCGS CAC PR has ever been sold at auction. We predict this coin will be such a stand out in its next collection it won’t come back to the market for many years-it will be the last coin you’ll ever want to sell!

SKU: 23200