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$1 1879 PCGS MS65


Item# 4393

WOW! The rarity of this date and grade in wild color can not be overstated. We also have NEVER seen this kind of color on BOTH sides of any 1879 Dollar.

Both sides clearly are burlap bag toned (you need a glass to see the hints of the bag). We think the coin at some point got flipped over in the bag. The obverse will make you drool with original neon colors of violet/amber/emerald green. The reverse has the same, only the emerald green is more pronounced and the colors are a little deeper. An amazing intense luster and some hints of semi-prooflike mirrors make the colors really pop out. You can clearly see the coins surfaces. There are a few teenie ticks, but this coin is all there as an MS65. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have full strikes. The eye appeal is totally phenomenal and heart pounding!

Yes, we did check to make there wasn’t an S cut off! You NEVER see color like this on a P Mint!

PCGS 807, NGC 579, CAC 28. A regular nice 1879 sells for $800.00 to a $1,000.00. We have seen many colored Morgans NOT as wild as this sell for 5X more than a normal one. You have to take our word that this coin is priced VERY FAIR!

This coin is a duplicate from the #1 Colored Morgan set ever-the Sunnywood Collection. We sure would like to see the monster he replaced it with! Sunnywood will only accept the “best of the best” for his collection. This coin is NOT labeled Sunnywood.


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