SUNNYWOOD/SIMPSON. The only other colored 1879 that comes close to this is the mind blowing coin now in the Sunnywood Collection, It took Doug years to locate this GEM-which was one of his favorite pieces (the coin in his set now is a freak of nature!).

Not like any 1879 you’ll ever see, the coin has vibrant color covering the entire obverse. We grade the colors MS67. Rich and vibrant shades of violet/tangerine/blue/purple/lime swirl together in a most memorable pattern.

Technically, the coin is very clean and is of full MS66 quality. A full booming luster really makes the colors stand out. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is really that neat!

PCGS 88, NGC 47, CAC 7. This is a tougher date even with out color!

This coin is posted at our BEST price!


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