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Item# 21781

What a MONSTER! This coin has been with the Legend family for many years. Its one of the VERY BEST PR Trade Dollars we have EVER seen! The ONLY reason we were able to buy it-the owner has moved on a to a very difficult series that has significant costs per coin!

Ultra deep mirrors are explosive from every angle. They have remarkable clarity, cleanliness, and of course a nearly blinding reflectivity. You don’t even have to twirl this coin to see the mind boggling “liquid mercury” rolling mirrors. A thin band of stunning royal blue/purple frames a small part of the rims. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have knock out full strikes. The eye appeal is mega heart pounding!

PCGS 2, NGC 21, CAC 8. This coin has NEVER sold at auction. It has been away with two legend customers for a very long time. Any nicer and this would be an $75,000.00 piece! We know for sure we never ever see coins like this offered any more. If you are building a superior PR TD set or Type set, this coin is a “must have”!


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