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Item# 8173

There is hardly any difference between this and a $35,000.00+ MS65! We have seen worse in MS65 holders!

Boldly semi-prooflike mirrors coverall the surfaces. They have tremendous flash and add to the luster. There are NO real marks anywhere. With a glass you can see numerous die polishing lines (which do NOT affect anything as they are Min made). Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick white frost. Her cheek is clean and will please the pickiest “old time” Morgan buyer. Of course the coin has never been messed with. The eye appeal is spectacular!

PCGS 274, NGC 159, CAC 47. PCGS has graded only 10 MS64+ coins. Keep in mind, the next step up would cost you OVER $35,000.00 if you could find a PCGS/CAC piece. Opportunity knocks loud here.


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