$1 1880-S PCGS MS68


Legend Numismatics bought this coin in a big deal that had been off the market for 32 years recently. We liked it so much we did resubmit it to PCGS for a +. No luck.  Your turn (no promises of any + tho). This is not your typical okay 1880S in MS68. It is not only VERY high end but it is also close to being fully prooflike. Super mirrors do beam from all over.  The obverse is fully prooflike while the reverse is a near miss semi prooflike. There is strong contrast. The surfaces are super clean. Even if you use a strong glass, you will not find any problems. There is a small area of beautiful blue/gold color on the left obverse. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and are thickly frosted. The eye appeal is bold and neat! PCGS 215, NGC 304, CAC 158. So far this year, we do not recall even being offered a nice MS68 Morgans. All of th sudden the nice pieces are gone. These have been trading between $5-$6,400.00 when they do appear. Each coins quality has determined its price. There are 1880S MS68’s, there is this coin! This coin is fro Albert Woods collection sold back in 1986. Back then, raw, this coin realized $1,500.00! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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