$1 1880/79-CC REV 78 PCGS MS65PL


WOW! The mirrors are easily 6″+ deep-a near miss DMPL. This coin does have a bold black and white appearance! Super impressive mirrors do look fully DMPL status. They are deep (6″) and have bold reflectivity. With a glass you can see a few tiny ticks and lots of striations (mint made die polishing lines). Hold the coin arms length and you do see the mirrors. Miss Liberty and the details are outrageously frosted a thick snowy white. The details also stand out with full strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 13, NGC 3, CAC 4. The last one to sell in a major auction brought $5,463.00 07/2012 Heritage. Prior to that, none had sold since 2009. In full MS65 DMPL these are worth at least $15,000.00-if you can even find one of the 3 coins PCGS has graded in the past 30 years. This is a very difficult date to find with any real contrast. Opportunity knocks loud here!


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