This coin is the UNDISPUTED FINEST 1880CC Morgan! We always knew it was, never saw another even close. Flawless surfaces are smooth and a even all over. They have full 4″ deep mirrors. The mirrors are clear and have a strong reflection. Only with a strong glass can you detect some faint die polishing lines. Miss Liberty and the details are fully contrasted. They have crisp sharp strikes and are evenly covered by thick original white frost. her cheek is totally original and is rounded. No question this coin was never messed with. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin sold for $65,000.00 in our sale of the Coronet Collection of Morgans. The current owner was thinking of building a top CAC set, but has shifted into another area of numismatics. What else can we say about this monumental GEM? We took years to help build the Coronet Collection (The former #1 all time finest Morgan Collection). Only the FINEST would do for the owner. This is the coin we deemed to be just that-the all time FINEST 1880CC. PCGS has been operating for OVER 35 years now, in all that time,  this coin has always been the lone finest ever 1880CC. Opportunity sure knocks loud here !


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