SONNIER COLLECTION. This beast of natures glory has it all toning wise! We grade the toning MS69!

Before we get into the toning, we must state the technical qualities for the grade are all there. There are NO major hits or distractions. An intense headlight booming luster beams from both sides. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have full strikes.

“Mr. Burlap” is special. It is a coin totally covered with burlap bag imprints on the obverse. Electric bursts (dots) of violet/gold/blue/pearl green/amber will make your head spin-from across the room! This coin looks lie a rainbow with its colors all melted into one. Its for sure is one of the prettier coins in this unbelivable collection! We’ve seen similar coins sell in auctions for OVER $4,000.00. The images probably do not due this monster justice. If you seek wild color, then this coin will have what you want!

This coin is posted at our BEST price!


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