THIS IS A BONA FIDE NEAR MISS ULTRA CAMEO! We fully agree this coin is on the cusp of being a full PR67 too! Deep mirrors beam from all over. They have remarkable clarity, cleanliness (the lines are on the holder), and of course bold reflectivity. The mirrors look like freshly made ice on a winters coldest day. We compared this coin the remarkable PR 66+ 1882 DCameo we just sold. The mirrors are equal. Just the frost on the devices was a little lighter. Yes, this coin was that close to full DCameo. Miss Liberty and the details dramatically add to the stunning contrast. They are also fully struck and enjoy thick frost. The eye appeal is spectacular! This is a PROOF ONLY date with 960 minted. PCGS 6, NGC 19, CAC 6. PCGS has graded ONLY 2 coins PR66+ Cameo. No PR66+ CA has sold at auction. We assure you, this coin is NOT average in any respect. Its hard to put this coin back in the safe! You can NOT buy a great stunning coin like this cheap. However, the market has made coins like this pretty much go “on sale”. Opportunity knocks so loud here!


This has been sold or is no longer available
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