Yes, you read that right-we are offering a NON CAC coin! No, the world has not ended. We LOVE everything about this coin and will always repurchase it at the days current market. THIS IS COIN IS A ULTRA MONSTER CAMEO GEM! We know the ONLY flaw on this coin is the fact the mirrors are weak at 12:00 on the reverse. The balance of the mirrors on the back are a full 8″ deep and are intense. This coin is NOT a one sided DMPL.  The obverse mirrors are insane. They are 10″ deep and to us have a $5G look. Both sides have just a few tiny scattered ticks.The obverse also has a small band of iridescent colors. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted an iridescent snowy white.All the details are fully struck. The eye appeal is fully MONSTROUS! PCGS 74, NGC 94, CAC 12. The last PCGS CAC 81S MS66DMPL to sell in auction brought $2,938.00 04/2016. We assure you, the obverse of this coin blows that one away. Do know, Legend does NOT offer inferior coins. The tiny patch of mirrors weakness on the reverse is just so trivial. If  you love ultra DMPL’s, then check out this magnificent coin! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE! 


This has been sold or is no longer available
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