Now this is 100+ Legend quality! Its hard to imagine a finer GEM Proof  Morgan. The late Jack Lee was king of everything Morgan and had only the best if the best in his collection. This is a coin we remember well. When it came for sale we placed with a customer of ours. We just bought it from the recent auction of the Young-Dakota coins Legend Auctions just brought to market.

This coin still mesmerizes us like it did when we first laid eyes on it many years ago.

Here is the description from our recent sale:

No question this coin ranks among the greatest Proof Morgans (and finest graded). The late Jack Lee-one of the greatest Dollar Collectors ever felt it was good enough for his collection. It certainly ranks among the best we have ever seen!

Sensational mirrors are deep and beam boldly from all over. The mirrors offer remarkable clarity and are the ultimate in cleanliness. When you twirl the coin you see a gentle roll of liquid mercury type eye appeal. A slight hint of golden brown can be detected on part of the upper obverse peripheries. The contrast is quite bold. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frosting. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS  5, NGC 3, CAC 5. This coin sold for $49,938.00 in Legend Auctions 10/24/2019 sale. We had to buy it. Not all of the PR 68’s look this good! Opportunity knocks so loud here!

We want to place this coin back in a great home!

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