$1 1882CC PCGS MS66+


SUPER DUPER HIGH END! We agree with both PCGS and CAC, 66++++! Even the pickiest buyer will smile when they see this superb piece. The surfaces are super satiny smooth and are amazingly clean. Both sides are a beautiful original frosty white. NO question this coin has never been dipped or messed with. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and are exceptionally struck. Her cheek will please the toughest buyer as it is ultra clean and smooth. The eye appeal is sensational ! PCGS  1309, NGC 1093, CAC 293. PCGS has graded 134 coins as MS66+. Because this coin is HIGH END and NICE, we will compare it to a NON CAC MS67. We recently sold one of those in our 05/2016 auction for $5,875.00. Our coin is not quite a MS67, but we assure you, it is one heck of a MS66+ that does look better then some MS67’s we’ve seen!!!!! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!   

SKU: 23947