A delightful flashy GEM! great example for this Proof ONLY date. Deep mirrors bean vividly from all over. They have bold clarity, are clean, and offer strong reflection. If you twirled the coin the mirrors resemble a moving water way (they are “watery”) which is so cool looking. Even using a strong glass there are no real imperfections (the few lines visible are on the holder). Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is bold! ONLY 979 were minted for this PR ONLY date. PCGS 12, NGC 15, CAC 7. The last THREE to sell in auction brought $14,100.00 04/2015 through 12/2015. That seems cheap as you certainly do NOT see hardly any ever offered (specially w/CAC beans). This coin will be a great addition for GEM Type or Trade Dollar set. The market has definately put coins like this on sale!


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