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$1 1884-O PCGS MS64, MS64+,MS65


Item# 55146


The Sonnier Collection of toners was one of the very best ever. Many Northern Lights cameo from that set (which Legend bought direct from Sonnier).

The last appearance of these was in our 10/2015 Regency Auction. These coins were sold individually. Each coin is still in its original PCGS holder. Here the descriptions:

$1 1884-O PCGS MS64

Glorious sunset gold, green, and crimson toning spans the obverse while the reverse is fully brilliant and white. While plentiful at this grade level, precious few can even approach the colorful array of this elegant jewel.

$1 1884-O PCGS MS64+

End roll toning on the obverse in neon folds from each paper end, forming a pinwheel pattern. The colors are extraordinary with deep blue and neon green spikes that fade into crimson and vibrant gold shades. The first paper fold on the end offers the least color, and that is located from Miss Liberty’s chin to the first star on the right, and this area shows more silver brilliance with a dash of pale yellow. The reverse is brilliant and untoned. As always, these toned Morgans are difficult to describe and are best evaluated in hand where the intensity of the colors, depth and arrangement can be appreciated under a light. The complexity varies from coin to coin along with the varying shades and intensity. This example really stands out as most toned Morgans developed their resplendent hues from canvas bags in which they were stored for decades, but this one was clearly an “end of the roll” coin. You’ll always be able to amuse your friends with the splendid intensity of the toning on this glorious dollar.

$1 1884-O PCGS MS65

Stunning, original end roll tissue paper toning on the obverse! The irregular center area is deeper as expected, but the radial arms explode pinwheels of aqua and crimson, with flashes of vibrant gold and yellow in between. Lustrous and well preserved, and quite unusual.

A toning loving fan wanted (and did) to keep the Sonnier coins together. He cherished these coins to no end. He is selling because a huge opportunity in another area he collects because available. His request to us-keep the coins intact and find Them a great home. we do very much rank these coins a 9+ on our 1-10 color scale (10 is the best).



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