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$1 1884 PCGS MS66


Item# 4431

EX SUNNYWOOD COLLECTION-however this is NOT noted on the holder. This is from his 3rd set of duplicates.

We have NEVER seen an 1884 with color, let alone with full bag toning! First, on a technical level, the coin is all there. Both sides are are amazingly clean, satiny, and have a full booming luster. The colors are a killer iridescent pale violet that blends into softer amber/blue-green/violet/reddish orange on about 75% of the obverse. The colors are NOT flat and the luster really makes them look awesome!

There are NO price guides or auction records for a coin with this much color. We did price the coin at a level we feel is very fair and not a ridiculous multiple (a regular NICE MS66 would sell for about $800.00). Be glad this coin is NOT in an auction. If you LOVE neat rainbow colored Morgans, here is one you won’t see many of!


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