We probably do not need to image this coin (don’t worry we will-but you really do not need to see the image-you can trust our description). Just imagine a fully BLACK and WHITE GEM DMPL. This is the way they are supposed to be!

No question this coin has mirrors that are 8″++! They are ultra deep, ultra clear, and have very few ticks. The flash from this coin is nearly blinding! Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck. They are covered with a thick mind blowing snow white frosting. Also, her cheek is clean and has never been messed with. The eye appeal is INCREDIBLE!

Note: there are more lines and ticks on the holder than on the coin! If you are picky about your DMPL’s, then this is the coin you MUST see! This is not an MS64 in a MS65 holder. We make NO apologies for its price-coins like this can NOT be bought cheap!


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