Legend Numismatics has a long history with DMPL Morgans. We were the firm selected by the late Jack Lee to personally buy his DMPL Collection. we know what a killer DMPL should look like-and this coin blows away 99% of the other MS66 DMPL’s. We did resubmit this coin for an MS66+ DMPL. PCGS was brutal-we make no promises it will ever go up. But it IS still a mind-boggling super GEM!

To start, the mirrors are at least 10″ deep. They beam boldly from all over. The clarity of the mirrors is tremendous. As expected, ticks and lines are held to a minimum. When you twirl this coin the flash of the mirrors almost disables you. The contrast is as black and white as you will ever see. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and enjoy thick iridescent white frost. The eye appeal is powerful your jaw will drop and lock!

PCGS 45, NGC 21, CAC 17. Our system here is not updated. It shows the last PCGS CAC DMPL selling for $12,000.00 11/2018 prior to this selling (this coin really fell through the cracks). We are asking a strong price for this coin because we have not seen any CC DMPL with mirrors anywhere near what this coin has. We promise, the new owner of this coin will not put it in a set, they will keep it on their desk and stare at it all day! You should be able to hear this coin roar just from the description! There is nothing not to love here.


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