$1 1885CC PCGS MS65 DMPL


Sadly, DMPL Morgans-especially CC’s had fallen hard as victims of gradeflation. All of the sudden the services stopped demanding 8″ mirrors and loved to grade a coin a GEM even if they had harsh ticks. Thus the prices have fallen because of the inferior coins.

We still LOVE GEM DMPL’s! We still buy beautiful FULL MS65’s or 66’s when we feel they are priced right and the grades are right. Take our word on this-you can NOT buy a REAL GEM DMPL for or near any published bids. They have become extremely rare.

The quality of this coin is unquestionable. #1, it has NEVER been messed with. There is no putty or anything added to the mirrors. In fact, the mirrors are fully 8″ deep, have tremendous clarity, reflectivity, and reveal just a few trivial ticks. You do not have to tilt the coin to get the famous “back” appearance. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick heart-pounding snowy white frost. Her cheek is totally original. The eye appeal is fabulous!

If you have been seeking a true GEM and eye appealing 85CC DMPL, check this coin out! Not only does it meet our strict standards, but CAC’s as well. Just wait until the CAC pops come out, then you will realize how rare this coin really is. PCGS 224, NGC 80. The next step up will easily cost you well OVER $10,000.00-if you can find a full GEM!


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