This thunderous MONSTER DMPL is the famous late collector/dealer Dave Wegant’s ex coin. He paid record money for it years ago. One look and you will see why. The contrast is mind boggling. This has always been one of our favorite CC DMPL’s. We owned it once before and are thrilled to own it again! We want to find a great home for it. Full 10″ mirrors really explode from all over. They are no question ULTRA deep, have amazing clarity, and have only a few trivial scattered ticks. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors are glass like and hit you like a 10000 watt spot light. There is some faint gold toning forming around the rims. This is NOT a dipped out coin retoning. Miss Liberty and the detail stand out almost in 3-D. They have killer full strikes and thick snowy white iridescent frost. They eye appeal is jaw dropping! We can tell you when Dave first bought it, EVERY time we walked past his case this coin stopped us dead in our tracks. Now that is eye appeal! PCGS  42, NGC 21, CAC 12. PCGS CAC 85CC’s have sold in auction anywhere from $11-$18,800.00 in the last 2 years.We assure you (or if you had been to any shows and saw this in Daves case), this is an exceptional coin with few peers. DMPL’s are NOT easy to find any more. A coin like this will only appear every few years! Opportunity knocks loud here.

SKU: 23712