SONNIER COLLECTION (not on holder). When the electric company needs power, it comes to this coin! Over 2/3 of the obverse has MONSTER BURLAP BAG TONING.

Yes, this is an ORIGINAL eye popping beast. The left side of the obverse is sprinkled with neon flaming pearl green/intense red/violet/blue/gold/amber colors. They blend into softer baby blue on the right side. An intense luster makes the toning speckles apepar almost 3-D. We grade the burlap color MS68.5! Overall, the quality is solid for the grade. Under a glass you can see a few light hits, but nothing serious. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are about 95% fully struck. Of course its the MONSTER colors that you are buying this coin for.

We posted this coin at our BEST price!


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