SONNIER COLLECTION. WOW! This is oen of the WILDEST 85O’s we have EVER seen! We grade the colors MS69!!!!

The overall quality of the coin isn’t so bad either. There are a few scattered teenie ticks-but they are hidden. Both sides have an incredible luster. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and fully struck.

The colors come with a warning from the Mayo Clinic: Do not stare too long or else the formation will be implanted forever in your memory! Out of this world totally bag toned MONSTER stripes of navy/pearl green/burgendy/violey/baby blue/amber/gold look like they are illuminate by a fire! They cover over half the obverse and show a trace of gold on the reverse.

Legend Numismatics can’t thank Brian Sonnier enough for keeping his many years promise of selling us this incredible once in a life time collection.

We have posted this coin at our BEST price!


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