SONNIER COLLECTION (not on the holder). Except for the Sunnywood/Simspon coin, we have NEVER seen any 88O even remotely close to this coin. The colors mimic some of the wildly toned 82S’s we have seen. This coin is totally mindblowing!

The ONLY negative we could find is a small area of weakness in Miss Liberty’s hair above the ear and some softness on the Eagle breast. if this coin had been struck just a little better, it would easily break the bank and be worth $25,000.00!!!!!!

This is one of the few coins we rank the colors MS69! The obverse has a streaky partial bag toned (the dots are tiny and white) mix of the wildest colors to be found on any Morgan. Electric reds/greens/violets/blues/ambers/golds mix together so powerfully you won’t be able to get your jaw up from the locked position its will get stuck in. A monster full booming luster adds to the colors. There are NO visible impairments. On the reverse, the rims are gold w/a hint of violet. Everything about this coin is mind blowing!

This coin is posted at our BEST price!


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