SUNNYWOOD/SIMPSON COLLECTION. Until last year, this was the 1889 in the collection. It was replaced with a beautiful higher graded coin, but this has by far the wilder colors! We have NEVER EVER seen another 1889 with colors like this!

To start, this coin is in the new Secure Plus holder. We do agree with PCGS that the technical quality is average (we can see a few teenie ticks scattered about). However, we grade the colors MS69 and +++!!! To us, eye appeal DOES count for something!

When mother nature sat down to do this coin up, she wanted it be totally crazy-it has WILD colors on BOTH sides! The obverse has an electric rainbow (like you see on 81S) on 1/4 of the left side. The colors are deep violet/neon green/navy/gold. The centers are a lighter pale green. On the reverse, there is also a thin crescent. Those colors are neon violet/green/gold/blue. They blend into phenomenal baby blue centers. We promise, you will NEVER see another 1889 like this! If one exists, we’d LOVE to buy it!

If this coin were in a major auction, we could see a full blown bidding war that lasts days erupting! This coin is posted at our BEST price!


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