THIS IS THE GREATEST TONED TAIL BAR THAT EXISTS! We have NEVER seen nor heard of anything remotely similar. We bought it out of our 10/19 sale. We have resubmitted this coin multiple times seeking an MS64+. We do NOT understand what PCGS is thinking at all here (we make NO promises). The Mint and Mother Nature could not have done a more spectacular job!

Here is the description from the auction:

When we first saw this coin we thought it was an 1880-S. It totally blew our minds (and still does) that this monster toner is an 1890-CC Tailbar. In all our years in the coin market, we have never seen anything else even remotely similar! Plus, the quality is VERY HIGH END.

Amazing surfaces are exceedingly clean and smooth. Even when using a strong glass you only become more impressed. There are faint traces of semi prooflike mirrors. Between the slight flash from the mirrors and the luster, the colors really stand out. A gentle cascading mix of totally original pearl greens/blue/deep violet/gold colors go from top to bottom on the obverse. We rank the colors a full 9+ on our 1-10 color scale (10 is the best). The reverse has some mellow reddish gold by the rims. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck. The Tailbar is plain to see. The eye appeal of this coin is jaw dropping!

If you are building any kind of toner set, this is a must have! The colors are so bold Legend told us if they were building Northern Lights again, they would include this coin! We think that says it all.

This coin really does rival ANY of the BEST toned Morgans that exist. It belongs in a great toner set. Like us, once you see this piece, you won’t be able to put it away!

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