$1 1893-CC PCGS MS64+ CAC


Unless a piece is really high end, we avoid these. PCGS seems to be a little loose with the + on this date. This coin is an eye popper that really is all there! We love the fact both sides are clean and sleek. Only with a strong glass can you find a few ticks and light scuffs (nothing major). We’d bet anything in th old days before PCGS this coin would have been a GEM MS65. A strong luster shows off original white undipped surfaces. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely well struck and are frosty. Her check is amazingly clean and smooth. Must note: there is a tiny cut or mint made cut on the reverse (not really sure). That is probably what keeps this coin from a full MS65 designation. The eye appeal is fantastic! PCGS 551, NGC 200, CAC 47. PCGS has graded 32 in MS64+. There are no 13 MS65’s-but good luck finding any. The last MS64+ PCGS CAC piece to sell brought $25,850.00 07/2015. We just sold an MS65 CAC in our Coronet Collection June sale (A PC GS MS65 CAC) for $141,000.00! There is a huge spread between a real MS64+ and a 65. If you collect CC’s, this is a terrific opportunity!


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