$1 1897 PCGS PR66 CAMEO


This is a SUPER HIGH END true Cameo piece. So far everyone in the office here’s reaction to this beast is a WOW! Why PCGS did not + it, is anyone’s guess. Intense deep mirrors beam from all over. The mirrors have bold cleanliness and clarity (NO haze). This coin borders D Cameo status. The contrast is an amazing silvery black and white. When the coin is twirled, the mirrors flow like a river of liquid mercury. There are NO spots or any detraction. There is light purplish toning spread around the peripheries. There is one toning line on the reverse. We are really not so sure what keeps this beast from grading 67 Cameo. Miss Liberty and every detail are fully struck and have incredibly thick silver frosting. The eye appeal is tremendous! Only 31 were minted. PCGS 5, NGC 7, CAC 3. It is mind boggling to us the pop in PR66 after 30+ years of operations how many CAC has beaned in PR 66 to date. Even more crazy-the last auction appearance of ANY PR66 Cameo 1897-2009! In PR67 Cameo CAC, one last sold for $23,500.00 in 2o16. The rarity of this date and grade are PROVEN. If you like bold and tougher PR Morgans, or are building a superior set, this coin should be included in your plans. This is not a date or grade you can find (this is not the same coin we sold last month). Our price is very realistic. Opportunity knocks so loud here!


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