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$1 1897S PCGS MS65 DMPL


Item# 4395

AMAZING! This coin (along with the 88O) we recently bought back from a longtime customer. You just do not see really DEEP MIRRORS like these anymore. If you have seen 97S DMPL’s lately, then you will know immediately how superior this coin is!

Fact, 97S can come weak and shallow. We’d guess 70% of all 97S graded are such. This coin is not! It has FULL 8″ + mirrors that exhibit remarkable clarity and cleanliness. There are a few ticks, but they are scattered and minor. Miss Liberty and the details are heavily frosted a bold snow white. ALL of the details are fully struck. The eye appeal is a total WOW!

PCGS 33, NGC 39, CAC 2. good luck finding another 97S even close this coin! PCGS has graded 7 coins higher. If you could find an MS66 looking like this-it would easily be $10,000.00+! Housed in an older green tag holder.


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