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$1 1902 PCGS PR67+


Item# 55468

This coin formerly resided in an NGC PR68 holder. It is also ex Jack Lee. No question this is a VERY High end coin.

This coin has extremely deep mirrors which boom (not just beam from) all over. The mirrors are ultimate in cleanliness, clarity, and have a bold reflection. You don’t even have to twirl this coin to see rolling liquid mercury look. A mellow but lively mix of original pale golden brown champagne colors swirl in patches all over. This coin has so much life you really need to sunglasses to view it with! Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike are full fully struck. They also have a delicate silvery frost (note 1902-1904 are silver proofs that are very rare in cameo). The eye appeal is like the quality-amazing!

ONLY 777 minted. PCGS 6, NGC 11, CAC 5. This is the ONLY PR67+ graded. PCGS has graded only 2 PR68’s-only one is CAC. It is EX Jack Lee as a NGC PR68 (tag included). This absolutely is one of the very best ever 1902 Proofs you will see. Think about this, 30 + years of grading and there are only 8 possible coins graded PR67 or finer. Legend bought this coin out of auction for $20,563.00 01/2018. We unhesitatingly pronounce this to be a VERY rare and grossly UNDER valued date in PR67 and higher.

Don’t expect to find a better one any time soon. The quality and extreme rarity of this date in PR67 and higher can not be over stated!


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