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$1 1921 PEACE PCGS MS65


Item# 4500

Only a VERY well hidden bag mark keeps this great 1921 Peace Dollar from MS66 SUPERB GEM status!

The bag mark is in the front part of the hair. If we did not tell you, you would not see it as it blends in so remarkably well (you certainly can NOT see it with the naked eye). All of the surfaces are smooth, clean, and radiate with an intense luster. The famous “deep dish” look is bold. Miss Liberty and all of the details are frosted and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is gorgeous!
,br>Keep in mind, CAC is strict about it standards and would never sticker a problem coin.

PCGS 1095, NGC 957, CAC 57.

No matter how picky you are, you WILL like this coin!


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