$1 1924 PCGS MS65


EX BRIAN SONNIER COLLECTION (not labeled). This was the other Peace Dollar from this amazing collection (there are no more).

This is possibly a once in a life time coin. It is housed in an older NGC holder.

Both sides have an intense booming luster. You can clearly see the satiny surfaces have just a few small marks-but nothing detracting. A phenomenal ring of fiery russet frames the rims and opens into blue/gold peripheral colors. The centers are frosty white. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frosting. The eye appeal is insane!

When was the last time you saw a TRUE ORIGINAL colored Peace Dollar? Once this and the 1922 are sold, you may not have another chance at similar coins for years. Remember, Brian searched for coins like this for over 20 years! he only had TWO colored Peace Dollars!

Sorry, we can not hold this coin for imaging. Also, it is posted at our BEST price!


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